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Beatrice Grese





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Enhanced speed; Flight; Enegry Blasts

A mysterious doctor who works at Clermont Medical Hospital and gives Gerd Frentzen a pill that would cure his paralysis under the condition that he would keep it confidential. Later on, Beatrice also gives Malek a pill as well and even brainwashes Wolf over to her cause. She turns out to be working with Xargin to replace humanity with Demoniacs, which she claims are evolved humans. Beatrice is eventually attacked and wounded by the Apocalypse Knights and ends up disowning Wolf when he loses control of the Demoniacs. During the invasion of Zwölf, she's severely wounded by Joseph in his Blassreiter form, but is saved by Xargin. She is later left to take care of the Zwölf castle after Xargin leaves. While there, Beatrice finds out that the Isis files are missing and tracks down Amanda and Hermann. She is then confronted by Hermann in the forest and tells him that she's responsible for what happen to Gerd and Malek. They engage in a fierce battle. Beatrice is eventually defeated by Hermann with the help of Malek.

Demonaic Transformation :Edit

As a Demoniac, Beatrice takes the form of an armoured female with blades instead of feet and a large net-like skirt made of energy. Only her nose is visible, as her entire head is covered and sports two large horns similar to Xargin's. While both capable of flight and powerful in melee combat, Beatrice can also blast high-strength beams of energy.

  • Enhanced speed :
  • Flight
  • Green Laser